Biggest Bingo Jackpots Ever Won

My goodness, bingo jackpots sure have come a long way!

No longer is bingo just the family game that you used to play for with your grandma for pennies at a time. Now, ‘new-age’ bingo players can rake in big bucks on a multitude of bingo games, both, online and in bingo halls across the globe.

Thanks to some exhaustive research (okay, I’m old and it doesn’t take much to tire me out) I’ve gone deep into the annals of the bingo history to share the biggest bingo jackpots ever won with avid bingo players around the world.

First and foremost, let me just say that bingo payouts can range anywhere in the neighborhood of grandma’s ‘pennies’ all the way up to hundreds of thousands of dollars and now, well over a million dollars!

In 2008, Soraya Lowell took home arguably the biggest bingo jackpots winnings ever when she won a colossal £1,167,795 at the Club 3000 bingo hall in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. The generous Lowell, who cleans homes for a living, went on to share her winnings with her next door neighbor Agnes O’Neill, but you get the idea bingo players.

Also in 2008, an English grandmother from Bargoed in Caerphilly county topped the million dollar bingo jackpots plateau after taking home what is also one of the largest bingo jackpots ever.

53-year-old Christine Bradfield cashed in with one of the biggest bingo jackpots ever when she took home £1.1m at The Castle Club in Merthyr Tydfil.

Of course, with the Euro being worth more than the American dollar these days, Bradfield would have taken home a whopping $1.45 million in American cash. Bradfield was an avid player that joined the Castle Club when it opened 11 years ago and reportedly plays there two times per week.

Back in 1997, long before online bingo reached its current state of popularity, Diane Wood, a Massachusetts nurse struck it rich when she cashed in big by taking home a tidy $1,000,000 in bingo jackpots winnings on the same day another $600,000 was won by multiple bingo players that competed in Foxwoods’ fifth anniversary celebration in a special series of bingo games that may have produced the largest single-day payout in bingo history. Wood was one of 3,251 bingo players playing at Foxwoods that day.

In February of 2010, Bingo jackpots took a huge step forward in Scandinavia when Maria Bingo player Karin ‘Westman1’ took home an enormous €130,000, equal to 19, 215.97 in American currency. Also in 2008, Maria Bingo also paid another player €120,000 in winnings (13, 052.14 in Euros) for hitting one of their bingo jackpots.

Just last week, one online bingo web site says a number of its players cashed in big on bingo jackpots with one player taking home £125,510 and another raking in a bountiful £99,342.

On Monday, another online bingo web site paid out 17,022.75 to its top winner, £9,783.48 to its second place finisher and £8,928.88 to its third place finisher.

Lest anyone forget, cashing in on bingo jackpots can come on a multitude of bingo games such as 90 Ball Bingo, Free Bingo, Coverall, Coverall Progressive and many more games.

To make a long story short bingo players, if you’re looking to add to your finances by cashing in on some profitable bingo jackpots, then you’ve got multiple avenues to pursue – and as the aforementioned winners have shown, bingo is now a lucrative venture, much more than when you played with grandma!